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About that one time at that place with that thing.

This whole Harvey Weinstein thing has opened up a lot of wounds for a lot of people.  While laying in the dark through another bout of insomnia last night, I played over in my head times that I could recall where I headed off someone else's unwanted attentions.  Every woman I know has experienced this, and every woman I know has kept quiet about a lot of it because we just deemed this as normal and that there was nothing we could do about it.

Take for instance the trip I took with my parents to Greece and Italy when I was 18.  We were living in Paris at the time, and our car was stolen. A few months later, the insurance company reported to us that the car had been found - in Greece - and that they'd fly us out there and pay for us to drive the car back home.  We leapt at the chance because who turns down a free vacation?  The streets were busy and alive around old town Athens the night we arrived; it was end of August and temperatures were soaring. I was walking a little ahead…

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