Monday, May 8, 2006

i'm having sushi for breakfast. it's leftover dinner from yin yankee last night, and while the consistency isnt as great as it could be, i'm still happy about eating sushi for breakfast.

i don't feel so hot today because i didnt sleep well. as i was unable to sleep, i did the thing i ought to not do, and that is to worry about work. which only keeps me awake even more. so i worried about work all night, and brought that baggage in this morning. and now i'm really tired and a little behind at work. and eating sushi for breakfast.

mental note: sushi and coffee dont go so well together.

Saturday, May 6, 2006


last night i had sushi for dinner at joss. it was good, but it wasnt as good as yin yankee. tonight i'm going to get sushi from yin yankee. i am fuckin craving it. i am also going there because it may be one of my last times galavanting around annapolis and i need to bribe someone who works there with a crisp ben franklin for the house of yang crab soup recipe.

we totally forgot that the volvo race is in town, and had a crappy time finding a place to park yesterday. today we're going earlier, as in the minute i get off of work. last night was fun, good people watching. i had a beer and some sake, but being designated driver, that was it for me. driving home was not fun because some tard figured that the best time to repave 97 is when the volvo races is in town and at 10 pm there are only a few thousand cars on the road trying to inch their way home. we got backed up for fucking 5 miles because THE IDIOTS IN THIS STATE DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MERGE FROM TWO LANES TO ONE. there is merge etiquette and they were failing miserably at it.

i dont really have much to say except that i'm craving sushi like mad, and i need to go wash my hair after my conference call. yeah, i'm dull as anything.