beware: this entry is about poop

every morning and afternoon this week on my way to work and back i've had to encounter the big pile of human feces that rests on the sidewalk on Ivan Allen Blvd.

On the corner of Ivan Allen and Peachtree is Mayor's Park, which is probably about 40 feet by 40 feet. the local homeless use this park as their haven. i walk past it every day, and at 7 am there are about 20 people in various stages of sleep curled up or stretched out in there. one of them took it upon himself to drop trow and dump in the middle of the sidewalk in an area that's not even protected or hidden. every day as i sidestep The Poop i wonder when or if the City will clean it up. i doubt it. every day, The Poop gets flatter and flatter. it looks as though it's been run over by many a biker or runner. the thought makes me want to vomit. i've stepped in my fair share (and more) of dog shit when i lived in France (the French arent big pooper scoopers; and somehow this shouldnt surprise anyone), but there's nothing worse than the smell of human feces that's been left to rot and bake in the summer Southern sun. I could walk down the other side of the street, but frankly, until today i usually have tried very hard to forget The Poop almost as soon as I see it. i try not to take that mental image with me as i go on about my day. except for today, where i've just about had it with the stench.

every day i see one particular homeless man, and i recognize him immediately because he's in such a state of visible decay that i believe he's been in his condition for too many years. he wears a dirty leather biker jacket. his pants are ripped down the back in such a manner that you can see everything... and i mean, everything.. the family jewels all the way up to the Grand Canyon. he watches me as i walk by. one day on my way back from work, i saw him standing on the edge of Mayor's Park, rather catatonic-like except that he was swaying side to side. the next morning on my way to Marta, he was still standing there, swaying. he didnt look as if he'd budged all night. he seemed in a trance.


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