fruit, glorious fruit

i have been eating the heck out of some fruit since we moved to georgia. i've been making up for eating all those sour, hard, dried up peaches that show up every year in northern grocery stores. the kind where you see them in spring and think, "Oh i'd so love a good peach!". and then you bring them home and will them to ripen and nothing happens. so you get frustrated and bite into one anyway, and it's so dissappointing and unfulfilling that you end up eating the whole thing out of spite (an action your stomach will thank you for later while you're hitting the porcelain god). i hate those days.

so i've more than made up for past peach actions by eating as many as i can in the past month. fresh georgia peaches are so fucking good, i could cry. i bit into one just now and was rewarded with peach juice gooshing all out and all over my shoes. it's okay, cos i'm wearing new laceless chuck taylors and they need to be broken in. and it's okay because it's the best damn peach i've had since yesterday. this is forgiveable. if it didnt goosh out everywhere i'd send him flying across the sea of cubes, surely to hit one of my engineers dorking away three aisles from mine.

this weekend i saw that cherries were on sale for cheap, which means we've now entered the Golden Two-Week Window when cherries are in season and abundant and cheaper than 7 dollars a pound. this is prime time to grab all the cherries you can lay your hands on. i have yet to buy some, but will. an abundance of cherries in one sitting can send you to the porcelain god as well (dont i know this all too well), so one must be creative and integrate them in small portions throughout the day. such as pitted cherries bobbing around in sangria; THE BEST THING EVER.


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