in atlanta

so we've embarked on a tour of restaurants in atlanta, starting with last night when we walked up the street to Spice. overall, we gave it a C+. our waitress was fantastic, the booze was good, and the food was okay. just okay. we think the chef is bored. although we're probably going to go back for drinks at the bar (and i need to bring some friends for bottomless wine and hors d'oeuvres from 6 to 8 on thursdays) because they have an open kitchen. the boy hates working in open kitchens, but he's aching to watch them in action and see what they can do. we both thought our food was adequate, but not worth the price.

i'm going to One Midtown Kitchen tomorrow night with a bunch of people from work and some of patty's friends, and afterwards we're going to a gay strip club (Swingin' Richards) to stare at some gay booty. j is coming over today to spend the weekend at "Club Med", as he likes to call our place. i guess if i lived with my sister in a condo surrounded by cats and cat pee and had DIAL UP internet access, coming over to our gated Eden would seem Club Med-ish.


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