the last chapter of the poop and other tales

so i dont know if the Gods are playing tricks on me or what, but the poop i mentioned yesterday? it's gone.

so now i'm beginning to wonder if all my wishes will come true if i write them down. i can write about all kinds of crap, but most of it is best left to grow in the dark in the back of my head and never see the light of day.

i mean, if i can write down that i wish the City would remove the poop from the corner of Ivan Allen Jr Blvd and Peachtree Street, and within 12 hours it actually happens, what else can happen? i can only imagine. and i've got a vivid imagination too.

the possibilities are endless.

emeril's last night was amazing. outstanding service, and the food was fantastic. drink-wise, i started out with a glass of Pommery (mental note to myself to buy some when i'm feeling the need to drop a few bills), then continued on with a half bottle of Siduri Sonoma pinot noir which was so tasty. it went well with both my appetizer (boudin and other delicious sausages) and my entree (grouper with shrimp and other sea creatures in a delicate cream pasta). i ended it with a glass of austrian eiswein, which itself was a dessert in a glass. so unctuous.

i didnt feel silly last night, especially as the boy split part of my half-bottle of wine (he had the seafood chowder and the tenderloin and was pleased), but this morning i'm feeling a bit rough. i kept waking up for no reason at all, and twice i got woken up because Mrs P was leaning on me and chasing rabbits in her sleep.

going to Table 1280 for lunch with the office girls. it's been nominated for best restaurant in atlanta, so we'll have to judge that for ourselves.


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