on coming back to reality

i'm back. i'm not too thrilled to be back, because we had a lot of fun. but i did miss my dog, so the buttwags which welcomed us home were worth it.

i did come back with a case of landsickness, which, in other words, means that i'm ragingly seasick. we went snorkeling several times, and the day before we left, i got seasick after we got back on shore. that was 4 days ago, and my equilibrium is still shot. i have a doctor's appt tomorrow morning to find out if i have an ear infection or something, although patty has graciously offered to drive me to a doc-in-a-box during lunchtime today. i keep pitching forward and to the left. not all that fun.

we did a whole bunch of lounging around, a bunch of snorkeling, a bunch of eating and drinking. that's the thing with those all-inclusive resorts, you just eat and eat and eat. i ate mostly fish and a boatload of salad, but i also snacked a lot and ate an incredibly hearty breakfast every morning, and i never do that (back to the ol' yogurt once a day for me).

got drunk on fumes at the bacardi distillery, swam with sharks, threw up in the pool at midnite after binge drinking. what more could a girl ask for?

actually, i'm really ashamed of the puking in the pool thing. but what do you expect after feeding me shots of sake, vodka, bourbon, and some disgusting thing called a "sweet tart" (which tasted nothing like the candy i had as a child)?

a good time was had by us, and i would love to go back. just not to nassau next time; it was a bit crowded and i usually prefer places that are a bit more isolated. having a gucci store in downtown nassau might be great for some people, but you can buy gucci at home, so what's the point? not that i would buy gucci.

i realize that this is out of focus, but i can't help but post it. this was one of our more delightful meals in the bahamas. a large piece of grouper encrusted with pistachios with a raspberry sauce.


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