on nostalgia and dog poo

because i walk my dog at 6:15 am, it's usually pretty damn dark (and these days, cold) out, so i cant really see where my feet are planting down when i walk. true to form, i stepped in dog poo this morning and did not realize it until i got to work and started looking around the office, sniffing, then realized that it was ME who stunk up the place.


been in a funky mood the last two days (not a bad mood; just an odd one). attribute it to being nostalgic and reminiscing about places where i used to live.

for instance, yesterday i was telling Patty via IM about one time when i was litte, my grandmother and i were walking in the area where the Louvre is, and it was cold and rainy. we went into a patisserie which had little tables where patrons could sit, and we stopped and ordered some sweet french goodness. i dont remember what i had (it was probably a millefeuille because those were the bomb) but my grammy had a baba au rhum, which is basically a sponge cake soaked in rum. and i remember tasting it and saying, EWWW!

of course, now, i love the damn things. and they were my grammy's favorites, so whenever i think about them or see a recipe for them i instantly think of her and get sweetly nostalgic for carefree days of my childhood.

fall in general reminds me of living in paris. a lot of paris streets are lined with chestnut trees, and the chestnuts would fall and the outer prickly hulls would crack open to reveal the perfectly smooth oddly shaped pod. we'd collect these and have pocketfuls of them. i liked the way they felt when i stuck my hand in my pocket and rubbed my fingers over the smoothness of the outer shell. on the big avenues, vendors would take over a street corner with fires burning in barrels and roast chestnuts, which they'd sell in newspaper cones. i remember buying some with my brother and burning my hands on the shells, trying to pry out the smooshy innards of the hot chestnuts.

okay. now i'm completely nostalgic and there is nothing i can do about it, except drink my lukewarm coffee and hope that i can take the boy to france asap and show him how magical it really is.


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