on public idiocy (no, not mine for once)

friday's traffic on the way home was pure hell. it took me 3 times as long to get from work to the GA 400 onramp, then another 3 times as long to get from our exit to the publix near our house. i had a bunch of errands to run and last minute items to buy so that i could make patty's croquembouche for her birthday.

overheard while staring at the back of a label of blue cheese-stuffed olives:

lady: "Hey! You! Where can i find cranberries?"
grocery clerk: "They're in the produce aisle next to the oranges".
lady, exasperated: "NO, i don't want the REAL ones, i want the FAKE ones in a can".

am i the only one that finds this funny? FAKE ONES IN A CAN! hyuck hyuck.

i went home and had a briny vodka martini with blue cheese-stuffed olives, which turned out to be pretty gross. mental note: next time, stuff the olives myself.


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