on thanksgiving

Last week I only worked two days, and had the rest of the week off. Which was fine, because I had a lot of cooking to do. On Wednesday, I woke up and began making my cranberry sauce. Last year I found a recipe for a savory cranberry sauce, so I decided to try it; and I’ve since decided that it will be part of our usual Thanksgiving menu. Usually I make it with orange juice and segments, but found a recipe that calls for roasted shallots and cooking the cranberries in a mixture of brown sugar, red wine and port. It’s really delicious. So I woke up early Wednesday and reached into the cupboard on the left side of the stove for a roasting pan. My knee went one way, my foot the other and damn, if that wasn't terrible pain. I have no idea what happened, but my knee seems to be screwed up. I put a knee brace on (the boy always has a few in the house since he has a recurring knee problem and is actually going to have an operation in a few weeks). I’ve been kind of limping around since, although today I feel better. My knee still throbs a bit, but not as much as it did on that first day.

Our usual Thanksgiving tradition is to wake up, make coffee, add booze to coffee (complete with whipped cream), and sit in our pajamas in front of the TV watching the Macy Day parade. This year, I was half asleep at 8 am contemplating getting up when I heard a POP and a loud fading whirrrr. And just like that, our power went out! I immediately jumped out of bed to look out the window to see if our electric company was out front shutting us off (for a moment I couldn’t remember if I’d paid the bill or not), and then it occurred to me that the whole neighborhood was out. Damn! And I had planned on making crème brulée and start proofing the bread rolls in the morning. So the boys woke up (j came over late Wednesday and stayed the night) and we went to Waffle House to contemplate our next move. We had planned for the turkey to go in the oven around noon, but what if the power wasn’t on by then? By the time our food arrived, the place filled up, and turns out all the patrons around us all lived in our neighborhood and had come to Waffle House because there was no other place to go for hot coffee and warm breakfast. We got some coffees to go, and when we got home, I doctored them up with some Frangelico and Baileys. By then, the boys decided to take naps because there was nothing better to do. I made a fire in the fireplace and sat in front of it to read cookbooks. At some point, I started thinking. It could have been worse; what if we didn’t have a nice house, or fireplace, or Waffle House nearby? If worse comes to worse, we could always make Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. I shrugged my shoulders. I thought, I’ve got a lot to be thankful for. What’s a little power outage? And BANG just at that moment, the power came back on. I hollered at the boys to wake up, and then we all rushed into the kitchen to begin cooking. I thought it was kind of funny that I had just been telling myself that things weren’t so bad and could be infinitely worse, and at that precise moment, the power came back on. Someone up there was watching.

The rest of the weekend was leisurly; i watched the James Bond marathon. i did run a few errands here and there, but i mainly watched Bond and tried to stay off my bad knee.


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