So. um. it's cold here.

30 degrees F.

I don't remember Atlanta being this cold when i lived here before. i spent 5 mn scraping ice off my windshield this morning, and another 5 sitting in the car waiting for it to thaw before heading out. both cars are in the driveway since the garage is full of boxes, and we only have one garage door opener (mental note to find out if i can order another this week), otherwise i would totally park in the garage and be rid of morning car issues altogether..

i spent the entire day yesterday cooking. i made lunch food for the week: an enormous pot of lentils and enough falafel to feed a small village. for dinner last night, i decided to try a different version of roast chicken, and i don't know why i bothered. i have mastered roast chicken; i do not need to make alternate variations of it. i decided to modify a roast turkey recipe, and spent a good deal of time screwing around with shallot and garlic paste only to have the whole dish suck in the end. oh well, you live and learn. i wasnt heart-broken over it; just stashed it away in my What Not To Make Again list. i did make a nice gratin dauphinoise though. can't go wrong with a boatload of heavy cream and potatoes (i just wanted an excuse to use the mandoline).


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