on food and memories

not to go all proust on everyone and all, but i just had one of those moments.

i havent brought lunch to work at all this week because we really dont have anything lunchworthy at the house, so i've been getting take-out (and trying hard not to make too many bad choices, since i'll be a huge pigletti on saturday at our party; except i did cave yesterday and had a reuben, which, along with the BLT, is my favorite sandwich). anyway.

so today i go to Subway because it's close, cheap, and relatively healthy; and lately i have been craving tuna salad (i'm extremelly picky about how tuna salad should be prepared, but Subway's seems to be okay). so i get a tuna sub with "the works" (meaning, every vegetable they have on hand), plus a little vinegar and oil, because that is how i like my tuna salad when i make it at home. so i sit at my desk and take a bite of sandwich. and instantly, the flavor reminded me of my childhood.....

and specifically it was the flavor of tuna and red onion,that transported me back. when i was a kid in france, we would spend the summers at a resort called Le Lavandou which is sorta near Toulon but not really (it's in between Toulon and St Tropez). there's not much there, it's small and has the usual throngs of people in the summers, but without the stupid celebrities and their yachts that seem to plague the once beautiful area surrounding St Tropez. anyway, that's where a lot of members of my mom's family have their summer homes. my great aunt and uncle split their time between there and Marseille, and my great uncle had a boat we used to go out on every day and go to islands and beaches that were either not accessible by car or would take forever to get to by car. one of those places is the beach next to the private resort home of President of France. we'd sneak in and stuff. anyhoo.... we'd go out, like 10 or 15 of us crammed onto my great uncle's small boat, and my great-aunt always brought a lunch which she would unpack and assemble after we all would go out exploring around for sea urchins and octopus. two of the things she always made were a tomato and red onion salad, and tuna and red onion flavored with red wine vinegar sandwiches.

both she and my great uncle are long since gone, and so is the boat. but not the memories of those great lazy summers.

having a party on saturday. since j is at the house a lot these days, i'm putting him to work. he's so bored that he has agreed to do everything i ask of him. horray for bossing boys around!

back to my sandwich and reality.


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