last night's dinner: we split a medium-rare steak (we had one left over from the package of three bought the day before), scrambled eggs with bacon for the boy, eggs over easy for me, and green salad for both. sounds kooky, but sometimes eggs for dinner are a good thing (very french, too). besides, we have all kinds of things in the fridge that really need to be eaten up or thrown out.

we deemed it a successful dinner.

i poured HP sauce all over my steak, which dribbled into my eggs. yummy. not very french, and in fact i think the french would be revolted at my liberal use of HP sauce, but hey. i like the stuff. i especially like it on baked potato. Mothra would be appalled.

we might get steaked out this week. while at the asian megamart this weekend, we bought an entire tenderloin for $26. that's right, only 26 bucks. the boy will be hacking it up today and placing in foodsaver bags into the freezer. there is only so much steak i can eat though, so i'll probably rebel. don't get me wrong, i love steak. but it's not part of my current Master Plan For Prime Health. i cannot eat it every single night for a week.

i'm kind of jonesing for roast chicken for dinner tonight.


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