phone conversation with Mothra

Me: So guess who I met today? Martha Stewart.
Mothra: Marta Stewart? Non! In Atlanta?
Me: Yeah I went to a book signing at Williams-Sonoma. I waited for hours to see her. She wasn't very nice to me.
Mothra: Non! C’est pas vrai! Well, maybe she was tired. You know, you go to those, you sign, you get tired after many people come up and say, “Oh Marta Stewart! how wonderful you are!”
Me: Mom, that’s no excuse to be a bitch. She gets paid a lot of money to show up for those. She was not pleasant at all.
Mothra: This displeases me. I do not like her anymore. Well, no matter. Tell me, how did she look?
Me: She looked nice. I guess. I mean, she was dressed expensively.
Mothra: Her hair? Did her face look nice?
Me: Well, I think she’s had work done.
Mothra: évidamment. Everyone knows that.


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