this morning my alarm rang and i blinked at it. i had fully intended to get up at 5 to do yoga, but that was not going to happen, for two reasons: 1. i took a Tylenol Simply Sleep last night and was still sleeping with my eyes open, staring at the clock and trying to figure out what language it was in so that i could read it, and 2. it was warm under the covers; i had them pulled up right under my nose, and the air directly above my nose was cold and i didn't see the point of ruining some good wake-up time by immediately hopping out of bed to do some friggin sun salutations.

yesterday i started the day with yoga, and i felt great all day. i had pep. work issues slid off my back with no worries. i had errands to run after work (petsmart and publix), then came home and bathed the boy (no hanky panky, we just giggled a lot), made dinner, made today's lunch. by the time i sat down with a sigh on the couch, it was 7:30. i love my boy, but he has horrible taste in tv shows, and he was flipping channels between American Idol and Armed & Famous, and i just couldnt handle that. so i went upstairs early and went to bed. fully intending to get up early and do yoga. ha!

i did jump out of bed when i heard the coffeemaker beep in the distance, notifying me that it finished brewing. i just recently started using the timer on it, and it makes my mornings so much lovelier than they had been.

speaking of all things lovely, i made pollo alla romana (roman-style chicken) last night, and it was delectable. it is very similar to the arroz con pollo that the boy makes, which is probably why i liked it so much. when the boy makes arroz con pollo, there is never any left over, because i just can't stop eating it even if i'm full. we jokingly call it "crack", because i just can't get enough of it. i don't know why. i am a huge fan of tomato-based sauces, but my addiction to that chicken dish is just plain silly. i think i'll be making pollo alla romana again, especially as it calls for pancetta (another excuse to use it), and the pancetta just melted into the sauce (i cut it up really small). i brought some in for today's lunch.

tonight we're having short ribs, but this time we're doing them in the crock pot. i prepped everything for that last night, as it's not a good idea for the boy to be using sharp instruments while he's doped up on percocet. all he has to do this morning is hobble in front of the stove, brown the meat, and toss it and all the prepped stuff into the crockpot. serving with wide egg noodles. scrumptious.

i can't take any more of those sleepy pills. i'm sitting here totally falling asleep. not good.


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