on the joys of good soup

so i came home from work the other day and while i stood in the foyer taking off my coat and chucking my keys onto the side table, this nice warm spicy smell wafted out of the kitchen. i yelled out, "so what's for dinner?".

as it turns out, the boy was making roasted tomato and pepper soup for my lunches this week. and i can't even begin to describe how good it is. even though it's not been as cold here this week as it was last week, i'm always game for soup. especially soup that has a good dollop of heavy cream added to it :)

so from what i gather, he roasted a couple of pounds of halved tomatoes (skin on) along with a couple of halved red peppers (skin on) and a couple of quartered onions. usually when i roast veggies, i toss them with salt, pepper, and olive oil, so i'm assuming he did the same here. he added the roasted veg and some chicken stock to a pot, let boil, adjusted seasoning and added fresh herbs, blitzed with the boat motor stick blender, and added heavy cream. the blitzing of the veg smithereened up the veg skins, so there are no big pieces hanging around.

this picture shows what i had for lunch yesterday and today, tupperwares full of soup with a green salad. i wouldnt mind a grilled cheese, but we arent allowed to have stoves at my work due to some ridiculous fire hazard thing. a lot people at my work probably don't know how to use a stove anyway.


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