on tofu

so last night i had this culinary epiphany of sorts; or more accurately, my dim bulb got screwed in correctly and i sat there slack-jawed and said "Ooooooooooh!". i finally figured out how to cook soft tofu correctly without it falling apart. because soft tofu disintegrates the minute you even look at it, really, so i've avoided working with it for ever now in favor of hard tofu - which has its limitations.

rewind back to one time when caprice and i went to PFFFF Changs (pronounce that PFFF as you would a raspberry, at least that's how we say it even though the PF stands for Phil Frederick or something like that; I did ask once and they told me but in true dim bulb fashion i forgot it immediately). anyway. the couple of times we ended up at PFFF Changs, we always got the same thing. the ground chicken with iceberg lettuce roll up thing and some crispy silken tofu with brown rice. i don't remember the names of the dishes and i'm sure a quick jaunt through their website would tell me but i'm not really that interested. so for the longest time, i couldnt figure out how their tofu was soft AND crispy. i kinda figured they fried it; so i would try my hand at that, putting a bit of oil in the wok and ending up with a big burnt crumbley mess. after a while i gave up.

it never occured to me that it had to be deep fried instead of pan fried. and you dont just throw it in the wok willy nilly, you have to coat it in flour first.

this all came about because i was watching Kylie Kwong's show (whose recipes, as well as Ming Tsai's, never work without huge amounts of tweaking). i DVR her shows and watch them because she intrigues me and i just want to jump through the TV screen into her kitchen and hang out sitting there. it looks so warm and inviting. so yeah, i'm watching her and she took big chunks of tofu and rolled them around in flour, deep fried them in a boatload of oil till golden, and fucking voila, that was it.


so i most definitely have to try that this weekend. and i hope she doesn't disappoint me.


Caprice said…
ma po tofu is the tofu dish. i think the lettuce thingies are just called chicken lettuce wraps or something.

yay! food blog.

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