a sea of brownies

hi, my name is French Tart and i am not a chocoholic.

repeat, not.

even though the right side cupboard of my kitchen island is filled with chocolate, that doesn't mean that i am one. i just appreciate good chocolate, and the older i get, the better quality chocolate i use in my baking. i hit the lindt store in lenox mall every time i'm there (and used to hit the lindt store in the annapolis mall every time i was there). they always seem to be having a sale, which is just fine with me. buy 3 get one free; i'm game!

i don't crave chocolate the way that a lot of people do. i don't have the need for chocolate every day. i almost feel blasphemous by admitting this. i feel pretty terrible about it, really, as though i've just told a room full of premenstral women, "Sorry! I can live without it every day!", and now i feel like i ought to run for the hills with my stash in tow. BUT, when i do get that craving, which is probably once every few months or so, i absolutely have to have it, and i have to have it right now. which is how i came about making these brownies night before last, and they just so coincided with valentine's day.

i'd been talking about chocolate all day with patty, and i had just finished telling her what i just admitted right here, that i'm not a chocoholic. and then i went and sat in front of my computer, and the next thing i know i'm on the cooks illustrated website cruising around for chocolate recipes. for me, chocolate is like a tuna fish sandwich; once i crave it i have to have it as soon as possible. i know, kind of weird, right? don't think of chocolate and tuna together, though, because that's just plain gross. think of them separately. yeah.

the point to all this rambling is that i got a super hankering for turtle brownies, so i made them. three different chocolates go into this, which i approve. i like using all different kinds of chocolate. these actually took a while to make from start to finish because of all the steps involved, e.g. making caramel (which i'm getting pretty good at and can practically do in my sleep now), making brownie mix, cooking them, letting cool, pouring more caramel over, letting cool, cutting, and topping each delectable bite with half of a pristine pecan.

i had one brownie, and it was great. then i didn't want anymore (it was also very rich), and i most certainly didn't want them in the house, tempting me to eat them. i could just see them now in a big tupperware on the counter, each bite with their wee voices penetrating my inner ear asking, BEGGING me to eat them all. no! i will not have that.

so i brought some in to work, and sent the rest with the boy to his work. they were well received all around, although most of the people on my cube row are on a diet of some sort so they declined. i put the rest of the brownies in the breakroom and they were gone in an hour. you could put anything in our breakroom and it would be gone in an hour. these people are like wolves.


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