Superbowl Food Part 1 (or, Ode to the Pig)

in preparation for tonight's superbowl festivities, we here at Chez French Tart got up early, as some of the food we're making needs to be cooked long and slow. out came the slow cooker.

the boy had a hankerin' for pork ribs.
he combined a couple of recipes found on the web for the sauce, then doctored up as he went along. in the sauce: one large can of diced tomatoes, red wine vinegar, brown sugar, ketchup, a couple squirts of some barbecue sauce we had in the fridge, soy sauce, smoked paprika, chili powder. there are other things in there, but i wasnt taking notes.

he used a dry rub on the ribs, a concoction he already had on hand. we have a lot of jars of homemade mixtures in the spice cabinet, and i think the one he used is similar to emeril's southwestern seasoning.

as the sauce was bubbling away on the stove to a nice reduction, the boy seared the ribs on the electric griddle. i tell ya, we've had that griddle for a while now, and as i've said before i've only used it for pancakes. it's gotten a lot of use lately, which i'm happy about.

seared ribs ended up in slow cooker topped with sauce and set to "low" for 6 hours.

i hope they turn out well. the sauce wasnt too barbecuey tasting, which i like. i prefer a north carolina style sauce myself.

to be honest, i'm not really into football. i know enough about it to remain interested in a game, but it's not my thing really. however, i am interested in the food, and any excuse to spend quality time in the kitchen concocting things for groups of people is good enough for me.


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