Superbowl Food Part 2 (or, Ode to the Corndog)

when it comes to white trash food, i do love me some corndogs. the only time i've ever had them was once at the marin county fair during 4th of july weekend sometime way back in the 80s. other than that, i will admit that i ran through the drive-thru at Krystal Burgers on victory drive in savannah at 2 am a couple of times to get some corn pups. but that's about it. but even though i'd only eaten them a handful of times, i always remembered with a certain fondness that most wonderful of all stick meats (for it does fall into the stick meat category. i'll post some other time about the boy and i's love for the almighty meat on stick).

the boy and i watch tv while eating dinner. side note: while growing up, we weren't allowed to watch tv during dinner, but i currently don't find anything wrong with this. ask me again when i have kids; i might have a different answer then. anyhoo, usually we eat fairly early, and sometimes while eating we'll catch an episode of Good Eats. sometime last week, we managed to watch the episode about corn dogs, and the boy and i decided that i'd definitely have to make them on sunday. so i did.

i pretty much followed the recipe, although i used bamboo skewers instead of chopsticks. and i had to cut the bamboo down so that i could fit the corndogs into the deep fryer. as alton points out on his show, the easiest way to coat your hot dog in batter is to put the batter in a glass. i could only fry one at a time, though, because my deep fryer is shallow. but that was okay, because i ended up having to keep an eye on them as they had a tendency to flip over, exposing their underside (if there is such a thing with corndogs). i continuously had to hold them down in order to brown the other side. i think it did this because once i dropped a dog in the fryer, the batter would kind of sink towards the bottom, making the dog top heavy, for lack of better words. so this would only be a problem if i was multitasking and had something else to do in the other room, then i would have had to leave the fryer unattended. which, honestly, is not a really smart thing to do now, is it? so it's a good thing i hung around and flipped dogs for a while.

alton's recipe calls for 8 dogs, but i had a package of 10 and with the amount of batter left over, i could have done at least 4 more dogs. i cooked them for exactly 4 minutes (5 and they would have been far too browned).

these were received with all the happiness they deserved; everyone seemed pleased with them. next time i think i'll use the little smokies that i normally use for pigs in blankets (or more appropriately, cows in blankets, but that sounds stupid; pigs are much better suited for blankets) and make a boatload of little cornpuppies slathered in mustard. yum.

stick meat at its best.


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