Superbowl Food Part 3 (or, Ode to the Chicken Wing)

what would a party be without wings? fortunately, i'll never know the answer to this, because the boy makes wings pretty much like clockwork every sunday. and i'm not just saying this because he's my husband, but my boy makes the best chicken wings i've ever had. evah.

i'm not going to post pictures of wings in the fryer, because we've all seen that. and besides, it will appear that all we did was eat fried food on sunday. which we didn't. there were other things there too, i swear! i am big on writing up and posting recipes, but for this, i'm not at liberty to share. the boy adapted his recipe from the Hooters recipe which we got from the Top Secret Restaurant Recipes cookbook (up to you to play around with it and make it your own). i will say that there is a certain amount of dredging involved in many a spice mixture. and after the fry session, there is a certain amount of sitting around in a saucepan with hot sauce. but not just plain hot sauce, but a mix of Things Plus Butter. we usually have Texas Pete's on hand, but since we now live in the South, we have access to all kinds of odd and nifty brands of hot sauce at the store. i'm not sure which one the boy used this last time, but it was nevertheless tasty as hell. served with the usual accoutrements of celery sticks and blue cheese dressing (and/or ranch dressing if you prefer, although i'm partial to blue cheese myself). you could make your own dressing, but i find that Ken's Steakhouse stuff to be pretty decent.


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