this post is for caprice

so maybe i'm late jumping on this bandwagon. but i must preach about the wonderfulness of these wasabi and soy almonds. they rule. they rule so much that i'm willing to forgive caprice (maybe) for introducing me to them. maybe.

the only drawback to these is that my local publix only carries the teeny tiny tins of it. so i had to buy two this past weekend. i tried very hard to forget that they were there, sitting there all nonchalantly in the pantry. i ate through almost a whole tin (which isnt very much, but probably about 4 of the recommended serving sizes). they are just that damn good.

my first thought is that they weren't as hot as i thought they'd be; i had the preconceived notion that they'd be as hot at wasabi peas. but after a few more bites, i realized that they didn't need to be that hot. they taste as though i've dropped some almonds into my soy and wasabi mixture while eating sushi (from what my friend nathan tells me, it's considered impolite in japan to mix wasabi into your soy sauce dish, but hey, i'm backwards and gauche just like the rest of us. and i'm not apologizing for that at this present time). one could say, "Hey! why don't you save yourself the + 3 bucksish money spent on the small tin and plop some almonds around in your soy/wasabi mixture while eating sushi?" the thing is that i'm not going to do that because can't you just see that mess? and who's going to clean that up? uh huh, i'm not in the mood for that.

to say these things are addictive is right darn correct. i had to restrain myself from eating them all. it took a great willpower, certainly it did. i want to see if i can make it the week with just those both tins. an exercise in will!


moral of the story: caprice, you suck a bunch of ass for introducing me to these.
ps i miss you and how's your mom?



Caprice said…
yeah, they are good. i am not happy about this. almonds are good for you and all, but not when you eat 3 lbs in one sitting. i will be making a special trip to the store this week to get more.
Caprice said…
awwww... i miss you too. mom's good. she's coming to visit me for my birthday. you better believe that i'll be introducing her to some wasabi soy almonds! ;)
french tart said…
my theory is that i believe we'll be okay with our almond intake as long as we're not eating a lot of other food which might be crappy. it shall have to be so.

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