atlanta restaurant plug

i'm on an email list with a bunch of other degenerates, and one of them sent this out recently. i haven't edited it at all. but for those of you in atlanta, i think this place is worth a try (i myself have never been, but i'd like to HELLO BOY! CAN WE GO SOMETIME? LOVE ME).

"Hola usted bastardos sucios,

This is a shameless plug for a restaurant I went to last night w/ my
girlfriend. It was really really kickass and its right around the
corner in the lobby of the Windham hotel on 10th street. Its called
"Mojito's" and its about the best Cuban you'll find around this bumfuck
town. I recommend the mojitos, the ceviche, and the filetes. My
girlfriend got the Puerco de la Casa or something like that, which
directly translated means 'really fucking good pork cooked in a mango.'
The ceviche was hands down the best I've ever had. The mojitos are all
hand-ground with cane syrup, no fucking around. There's a regular
customer there they call the rapping grandma. She's what she sounds
like. They have a ceviche negro which is bathed in squid ink, but I
wasn't going there, maybe you will ..."


this is NOT a bumfuck town! >:(
french tart said…
i agree, i really like it here. he's just bitter. :)
Zachary said…
saying that atlanta is a bumfuck town is ignorant.. saying so in a culinary context is even moreso.

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