dumb blonde joke (or strawberry blonde joke)

{start of joke}

So a blonde drives into the parking deck at her workplace at 6:27 am. Blonde gets out of the car, walks around to get her bag out of the passenger side of the car. Blonde opens car door, locks car, puts keys in bag. Blonde sees gym bag in backseat and wants to put it in the trunk. Blonde steps back, and car door slams shut.

Bag, with computer, cell phone, lunch, coffee and car keys is still in car.

{end of joke}

But seriously, roadside assistance had someone out there in 10 minutes to pop the lock. I highly recommend Quik Pik.

Lunch and more importantly, COFFEE! was saved!

Blonde proceeds to guzzle coffee and dreads the smacking upside the head she’s going to get later by the boy.


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