mounting irritation

this is about the stupidest thing i've heard all week (and it's been a doozy of a week, so you know this one has got to take the cake):

Foie Gras Removed From Puck Restaurants

>Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck is cooking up kinder, gentler menus. As part of a new initiative to fight animal cruelty, Puck said Thursday he will no longer serve foie gras, the fatty liver produced by overfeeding ducks and geese.
motherfucker is just caving, because most of his clients are so-called celebrities, people who jump on that peta bandwagon only because it's fashionable. shame on him (and them).

now, dont get me wrong, i'm all about animal rights and saving the animals and against seal clubbing and all that stuff, i mean, i am human and i do have feelings after all. and my dog is probably the best treated dog in the whole friggin world. but peta is a little bit like that cult of wackos who offed themselves when the comet hale-bopp flew our way some 10 years ago. and those mary kay "consultants" (read: naggers). they're all fucking bonkers.

having grown up in france, i ate this stuff pretty regularly. and i will tell you right now, it's pretty tasty. the boy doesnt care for it, but my mom and i can eat the stuff on toast for breakfast every day, happily; although we'd watch our asses expand to the size of said-comet hale-bopp. but i digress. seriously. it's not like i eat at wolfgang puck's restaurants anyway; all the guy does is serve jazzed-up pizza and call it a day, and frankly, my pizza is way better than his. we laugh at him and point fingers when he shows up every quarter or so on HSN (or is it QVC? bah who cares?) trying to shlepp his wares. dude can keep his so-called celebrity clientele.

i'll rant more about this some other time. i'm in dire need of coffee.


Wolfgang can puck my nuts.
the boy said…
mine too
k-ren said…
boo hiss. wackjobs is right!
and that from the girl who won't touch it, and thinks it smells of cat food.

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