on gardening

so at the boy's workplace, whenever they need fresh rosemary all they have to do is walk outside into the parking lot and snip some off of this here very fine bush. to say that i'm jealous is an understatement. i've been daydreaming for the past two weeks about what my backyard will look like once i get my butt in gear and start planting things. the tulips i planted in early december are starting to come up, which gives me great excitement. in fact, the day i saw the first of the little babies trying to poke their way up through the dirt, i squealed. i love new growth, and i love spring. it just needs to get here a lot quicker.

our yard is just a big trapezoid with several (as in about 8 or 9) over 100-foot tall pine trees. there is ample room and light underneath the trees to grow whatever i want; it's just that right now the yard is a blank canvas covered in pine cones, leaves, tree branches, and the occasional dog poo (many thanks to the boy for going on Poop Patrol earlier this week!). i want my herb garden and veggie area to be asymmetrical in plot layout, meaning i dont want a bunch of square-shaped plots all over. i want this to flow. i want some flowage, dammit. sometime this weekend i will probably take some pictures of the yard and make a scale drawing of what i want it all to look like (i knew i'd eventually benefit from all those architectural drafting classes). that's one of my many homework assignments for the weekend.

it would probably take me a really long time to get a rosemary plant the size of the one in front of the boy's workplace, but i can certainly try!

also on the agenda: basil, thyme, lemon thyme, flat leaf parsley (i'm still debating what other herbs i want to grow, if any. i've had much success with oregano in the past, however i used so very little of it). some type of tomato and cucumber is also part of my Master Plan. and maybe some more flowers.

i'll daydream a bit more while i eat my salad.


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