on the goodness of a BLT

my two favorite sandwiches are the blt and the reuben, but i don't eat them very often, seeing as i never have the components for them around the house. if we're eating out and i see a reuben on a menu, i have to order it; it's a compulsion. and if we ever end up at waffle house (as we did this past thanksgiving morning), i usually order a blt. anyhoo, so i woke up saturday and made the boy breakfast. when the boy and i have the same morning off together, i try to make him bacon and eggs, or waffles, or pancakes, you know; a big ol' breakfast. i rarely make any for myself because i'm not a huge breakfast eater. during the week i have my yogurt and my fruit and my coffee and all is good in the world. so while i was frying up the bacon, i remembered that we had a big hunk of french bread left over from the night before, and then i spied a tomato in the fruit bowl on the dining room table. tomatoes are pretty rare around the house these days, but i saw one and i immediately got giddy, because when there is bacon, french bread, and a tomato in the house, then i must have a blt. must!

so i made one, complete with a healthy slathering of Duke's Mayonnaise and some bagged pre-torn romaine i found in the back of the "rotter" drawer.



Ashley said…
Yum indeed. I'll take two to go!
french tart said…
i might have to make another for breakfast tomorrow :) just looking at the picture is making me hungry for bacon.

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