Sometimes i forget how good i have it.

I think i’ve seen my husband face to face a total of 2 hours since Saturday. This isn’t because we’ve been absent from home; much the opposite. I’ve been home – but i’ve been in the yard – so i’ve seen him waving to me from the back door. I spent most of Sunday afternoon outside doing yard work in either my yard or Mrs. B’s yard, and spent Monday and Tuesday afternoons after work in the yard as well. To be honest, i’ve kind of over-exerted myself, and that’s why tonight after work i will not do yard work. I’ve done all i can to my kitchen garden until the little babies in their peat pots start growing and need transplanting. My fingernails are shot. My lower back kind of hurts. But i’ve got tan lines!

So tonight i’ll spend some quality time with the husband, even if we’re just sitting there watching TV, because my brain has been too full of enriched soil and cow manure to pay a lick of attention to him.

People often tell me how nice it must be to have a husband who’s a chef, because i don’t have to cook. And he does cook a lot, although so do i. i don’t expect him to cook for me all the time, because it’s what he does for a living. Even though cooking is enjoyable for him, after a long ass day at “the office”, he just can’t face the stove. And sometimes after long days, neither of us can face the stove, and that’s when we log into and order a large pepperoni with a side of parmesan sticks.

My boy is good, and i appreciate him. and i want to say thanks to him for putting up with me this week as i was outside every waking moment; and when i wasn’t outside i’d wax poetic about my cucumber trellis and how big the rose out front is going to get, not paying much attention to his eyes glazing over when i spoke. Thank you honey.


He is pretty nice...when he wants to be! :)

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