on being a girly girl - or not?

It’s been a hard work week for the French Tart. So many silly things happening, things like my Vice President calling me at home late one day about a work issue (at the Big Ass Corporation where i work, it’s not a great thing if someone low on the totem pole gets a call from their VP). So in light of all that, i needed something particularly strong and but very girly to drink.

Now, i’m not a girly girl, not remotely, not at all. Okay – i do know the entire script for Steel Magnolias by heart – I may not have been born and raised in the South, but I do have Southern roots (my dad’s family is from here), and i have lived here on and off for 19 years. I love that movie. But i also love and know by heart: Die Hard, Fatal Attraction (don’t ask why), A Fish Called Wanda, the Fifth Element, Top Gun, the aforementioned Star Wars trilogy, and Jaws. I friggin love Jaws. I’m secretly in love with Quint. Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies....

Okay so back to last night, and my having a girly moment. I needed a martini, but i decided not to go my usual super-dry-super-dirty route, but instead opted for a lychee fruit martini. I’m sure this would be so much better, so much like heaven if i could find fresh lychees, but according to lychees online, these aren’t in season until the end of next month; so i used a can of lychees in syrup that I recently purchased at the Super H.

In shaker:

Crushed ice
A big whoppin’ jigger or two of Grey Goose (i dont measure. I just pour in)
A tablespoon or two of the lychee syrup
A couple of splashes of pomegranate juice (i used a pomegranate mixer that someone brought to our Christmas party)

Shake. Strain into glass. Add a couple of the lychee fruit to the glass and voila, i had a most marvelous pink concoction.

For the record, I’m normally not a huge fan of pink. Mothra insisted on buying me only pink clothes when i was in high school, because she said the all black look i had going on flustered her and made me look like Marie la Desolée**. It’s only been a recent thing that i have succumbed to the pink, and I even made a pink t-shirt which says “French Tart” across the front (i found it to be very Me). But the pink in this beverage was delicate and nice, and man i slurped it down as if i’d been dehydrated all day. My problem with martinis is that i can only drink one and then i have to move on to another beverage (usually wine), because if i have too many in one sitting then Evil French Tart comes out. The boy is not a big fan of her, and frankly, neither am i.

**Maria Soledad Torres Acosta, 19th century spanish catholic saint.


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