On big salads, for dinner

One of the great standby meals at Chez French Tart is a grilled chicken salad. This is basically a big salad with whatever leftover veg we have in the “rotter” drawer coupled with some sliced grilled chicken. Usually we haul out the George Foreman grill for this, because it’s easy to clean and we don’t have to use the stove. But yesterday i decided to pan-fry the chicken instead, mostly because the boy brought home thin chicken filets from the store and i didn’t want the GFG to scorch them.

Normally, i season the chicken with salt, pepper, and whatever other dried herbs/spices that suit my mood (usually a good sprinkling of cayenne). But last night i wanted something slightly different, and wanted to go with a somewhat similar marinade which we normally make for chicken. I went digging through our overflowing fruit bowl looking for a lemon, or even a lime, but was really shocked to not find any. We always have lemons on hand! it’s just one of those staples that we never run out of, like butter. But i stood there kind of stunned and wondered what to do... then i noticed that we had about 3 dozen tangerines falling out of the fruit bowl all over the floor, so i grabbed one of those. The tangerine gave off a remarkable amount of juice; i’m used to dealing with stingy lemons and limes, so this was nice. A couple of cloves of garlic crushed with the flat side of a knife, some freshly snipped lemon thyme from the yard, and a good dose of olive oil completed the quick marinade; and i put that to the side while i made my lunch for today (grilled eggplant – again – but hey, it’s good and healthy and i’m not complaining).

A quick rinse of the grill pan, and back to the stove. I cooked the chicken on medium-high flame for about 4 minutes a side (these were really thin). Tossed with a mixed green salad with whatever other stuff we had in the fridge plus a hard-cooked egg and some garlic greens from yard, and dinner was served.

Unless i’m feeling in the mood, i won’t post anything tomorrow. I took the day off from work to have some quality “me” time. I plan on sleeping late (which means, 7 am), possibly going to the gym or even kickboxing (depending on my mood), and most definitely making cupcakes.


Ashley said…
Can I just pay you and the boy to cook for me? I love reading your posts... :-)

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