on cookbooks, or What I'm Going To Do Sometime This Weekend

you know, i have no excuse. we just moved in to this house in November. and i'm sure this feeling comes over a lot of people just moving into a new place: you are SO DAMN SURE that this time will be different, that your house will be clean at all times, that there will never be dust, that you will keep on top of things; because the house is so clean and pristine when you moved in to begin with, so how hard can it be to keep up with your filth? right? so that's all fine and dandy, and for the most part in the past 5 months i've been on top of housework. the house is not supertidy all the time, not like when i worked from home for 5 years and i'd dust and vacuum during my lunch break; but it's also not dirty. but for the life of me, i have no idea how my bookcase of cookbooks and other food-related books got this way.

when i was unpacking the cookbooks, i sorted them by type of cooking (baking, barbecue, etc) and grouped by author. not in alphabetical order, but i had my own cracked-out version of dewey decimal system going on (and i'm probably way off on how that's organized, so i'll have to ask caprice one day all about that seeing as she's a librarian). all the oversized, heavy books were on the bottom shelf.

and now? not so much.

this thing is a mess. and i've started stacking food platters on the bottom shelf, sandwiched in between books and binders full of recipes. not good, especially as one of those platters was a wedding gift and costs $$$. and i can already hear Mothra's plaintive voice in the back of my brain nagging me about how i can't manage to keep nice things around without ruining them.

in my defense, i notice that i have kept all the nigella lawson books together, although that's probably because i've not been using them lately.

what this picture doesn't show are the stacks of cookbooks on all the other horizontal surfaces of the house. the stack of bobby flay, back issues of Food & Wine, and Cooks Illustrated in the downstairs bathroom (like most men, the boy reads in the bathroom. some men read porn, mine reads food-related stuff and Maxim, although i guess the latter is somewhat nekkedy and could be considered porn but hey I READ IT TOO).

so, Number One on my List of Crap To Accomplish This Weekend is to organize this damn thing. and Number Two is to venture out into the yard to see what the last freeze and torrential rains did to my freshly planted kitchen garden. i guess there are worse things to do on a weekend, like taxes (which i fortunately did a couple of weeks ago).

what are your plans?


I'm Cleaning out closets so we can have a garage sale and hopefully going on the boat!
french tart said…
CRAP i forgot about our garage sale. are you going to the homeowners association meeting next week? i wonder when we should hold our sale. supposed to be crappy weather this saturday.
Ashley said…
Ahh yes, organizing. I have three bookshelves in the family room that need that very thing.

One is mine, and should be easy enough. One is my wife's and it overflows with craft projects started but not finished. Lastly my 5 year old's bookcase, laughably the most organized (because we have to touch it every day to clean up the play area).

Since you're organizing, why don't you come over and organize my wife's? You can even take home any project that you want to complete.

Happy belated Easter!

french tart said…
hah! good one! fat chance, i'm still procrastinating working on my own bookshelf. i'm staring at the bookshelf now. the pile on the floor to the left has gotten taller.

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