On deep fried tofu, part whatever

So i’ve become more handy with my new wok, have developed a sense of comfortableness, of ease, and have developed great dexterity and swiftness in my wok-ness (i’m totally laughing while writing this. Me? Swift with the wok? I think not! i still drop utensils, but i manage not to burn myself - that wok does get rocket hot).

Since my evenings this week will be a bit weird hours-wise (homeowners association meeting today; late work meeting on Thursday; and i have Grand Ideas about getting to the gym too), i spent some time on Sunday making ahead some lunch stuff. Mrs. B and I have doing weekly runs to the Super H in Duluth, so i come home with bags full of cheap produce, rice vermicelli, and kirin ichiban; and I really wanted some stir fried tofu again.

What i did differently this time: i dredged the tofu pieces in whole wheat flour**. texture-wise, it’s somewhere between potato flour and regular ol’ all-purpose flour. i did not have much luck with potato flour the last time i made this, and i happen to have a lot of whole wheat flour lying around, so decided What The Hey i’ll try it. the tofublobs fried up pretty nicely, although the coating wasn't as crispy as i’d like. After a few minutes of frying, i hauled the tofublobs out and poured out the excess oil from the wok (making sure to wipe along the side where some of the oil might have dripped down – i wasn't in the mood for a grease fire in the kitchen seeing as i was on a roll making lunch for the week). Next up, i added some store-bought sauce into the wok. This is one of those spicy sauces that the Super H makes a whole batch of on site then puts in plastic containers for sale. I could (and will) probably make my own batch of it in the future. If memory serves me correctly, i think it was labeled “korean sauce” (which is so very insightful, ain’t it?), and consists of chopped green onions, chili garlic sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds. I think there was one other ingredient (not fish sauce, i’d remember that), but it was a minor player. Anyway, i added a good dollop of this to the wok and let it heat up for a few seconds before throwing in a handful of snow peas and then a handful of torn up bok choy before turning the heat off. I let this cool down before adding to a tupperware container along with some cooked and cooled rice noodles and the fried tofu, which i happily ate at my desk yesterday. After i heated it up in the microwave in our breakroom and walked back across the floor to my cubicle, someone walking by said out loud to no one in particular, “Something smells good!”, which made me happy, then made me hide behind my cubicle walls – it’s mine, all mine!!. Now i just need to go home and perfect my own version of “korean sauce”. And next time i make this, i will probably add some kimchi at the end. Because life without kimchi is not worth living at all.

** i recently picked up a copy of Super Natural Cooking, which i’d been hearing a lot about on other people’s food blogs (if you’ve got a spare 14 bucks please go buy yourself a copy off of amazon). As soon as the boy saw the cover, he groaned and said, “This book will be the bane of my existence”. but i had to comfort him and tell him that it’s not all that crunchy hippie, and it’s really got great ideas (and i’m not turning veg anytime soon, are you out of your mind?? I like bacon and cow intestines far too much). And since last summer when i had that not-so-great checkup which led to tests and biopsies and whatnot, i’ve been trying to change a few things about what i eat (hence, organic milk, no more high fructose corn syrup, etc), things that i can control. Things like incorporating unbleached organic whole wheat flour into things. i’m not totally replacing all the white flour i use, because lets face it – 100% whole wheat pizza dough sucks ass. But i did manage to make a pretty fantastic pizza dough this weekend by replacing one-third of the bread flour with organic whole wheat flour. i thought at first that it wouldn't work out, but it did and was really great. I’ll post some other time about pizza dough – we have homemade pizza about once every week or two weeks. And i really do have great dexterity and swiftness with a pizza peel – that i’m not kidding about.


Nothing about the great fridge/freezer exchange? :)
french tart said…
i promise to post about that. i have something witty growing in the dark part of my head regarding that :)
french tart said…
well - i take the "witty" part back. what's witty to me is usually pretty stale and unfunny to others. i came in to work this morning very beavis and buttheady due to hanging out with boys all weekend, and i can't get my mind out of the gutter. i need help!
NDM said…
You might try getting some smoked tofu (from Whole Foods or similar) and frying it. It is compressed and (obviously) smoked in a smoke house so it's denser than regular tofu and it fries rather well. I just slice it into smaller pieces, pop it in the pan with some olive oil until it's golden on most sides, and enjoy. I especially recommend the Lemon Garlic flavor of "Smoke&Fire" brand.
french tart said…
oooh i didn't know they make smoked tofu. i'll have to check it out. thanks!

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