on our new deep freeze (thanks, Mr and Mrs B!)

“How many dead bodies do you think we can fit in here?”

That’s the question the boy asked me while we were staring down into the depths of our new deep freeze in the garage.

And then we kept standing there, deeply pondering this. Personally, i think there is plenty of room for 3, as long as they’re all folded up in the fetal position.


One of the appliances we’ve always wanted was an extra stand-alone freezer. As long as i’ve known the boy (7 years now), he’s always talked about wanting one because his Granddad had one (Granddad was a caterer), but it never seemed to be something we ever got around to buying. We’d look at them, but couldn’t justify spending the money, and forget about it until the boy would mention something about how great it would be to buy an entire cow via the innernets.

This past weekend, Mr. B’s mom decided to buy herself a new fridge and give Mr. and Mrs. B her old fridge... and being the nice friendly neighbors that they are, they gave us their stand-alone freezer as long as we helped out with the switcharoos. They would keep their old fridge and put it in the garage where the freezer was. So of course we totally jumped at this.

Sears had been so kind enough to deliver the old fridge, and they put it in Mr. B’s garage. So Saturday morning, the boy, j, and I walked over and helped haul that thing up their front steps and into the kitchen. It was done fairly quickly, but not without a whole lot of shouting “Motherfucker!!” (on my part), “This fucking thing is heavy as shit” (one of the boys), and “OW! MY FUCKING FINGER!” (me, again). Then with the handy help of the hand-truck, we hauled the deep freeze down to our house, looking like we’d just robbed a house down the block.

And then later, the boys went over and helped Mr. B haul the old fridge down the front steps and into the garage. I wasnt there to help, but apparently someone got their cojones knocked into. Much booze was imbibed after that to help heal that ailment.

So i’m happy to report that so far, our new freezer holds pizza dough, two bottles of vodka, my ice cream maker insert, and 2 ½ pounds of whole wheat flour. no dead bodies or whole entire cow yet, but i’m sure that’s soon to come.


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