on sake

while out and about on saturday, we swung by dreamland before hitting trader joe's and the Super H. dreamland for some pig (i had the rib sandwich and some great banana pudding), trader joe's for dried goods and 2 Buck Chuck, and Super H for one of my favorite culinary field trips.

unfortunately, the only times i've managed to get to the Super H is on a saturday or sunday, and let me tell you, the place is almost unnavigable. i'm going to make it there one of these days when i have a day off during the week and it will probably be unrecognizable. because the problem with the Super H is that it's very popular, and there is no parking and no navigating down the aisles without a lot of trouble (we had this same problem with the sister store in Maryland too). that's what we get for shopping at the biggest asian supermarket in atlanta.

but we still go because for one, it's cheap. their produce kicks ass; i would say a good third or even half of the store is soley produce, and it's from all over the place. they have all the hot peppers, all the types of pluot, herbs, mangoes, etc, all for dirt cheap. we picked up a flat of clementines for 5 bucks. but one of the main reasons we go to the super H is because they sell entire beef tenderloins for 20 to 25 bucks. so we go, and the boy does a little cleaning up of the silver skin and some butchering, and we eat like kings for a while. they have great looking meat, and a decent fish selection as well.

so i was really glad that we also went on saturday, because that meant their alcoholic beverage aisle was open (one of the perks of moving to the south is that they sell beer and wine in grocery stores, although this county is dry on Sunday), so i was able to browse the booze aisle and get some chinese cooking wine and stare at the sake. i have no idea what the differences in sake are. i heard that one should serve hot sake with cold food, and cold sake with hot food. i've also heard that hot sake is usually cheap sake which has been warmed up to mask the cheap flavor. but who knows? i'm wrong a lot. i decided to get cold sake because all those bottles looked so pretty on those shelves! they look just like jewels. i wanted one of each until i saw the prices. while some of the booze was reasonable, the cold sakes weren't. the bottle i settled on was $16, but the next one up was $35. there were some plum wines on the shelves too but since i dont know the first thing about plum wine, i need to do more homework before purchasing any. the last time i had plum wine was at a sushi place in gainesville florida about 13 years ago, accompanied by a raw beef salad which was OUTSTANDING.. but that place probably doesnt exist anymore for all i know. at any rate, my japanese booze knowledge is very flimsy, but this didnt prevent me from staring at all the lovely bottles for fifteen minutes.

i didn't buy any of this, but in retrospect i ought to have. i have no idea what it is. the picture is rather fuzzy because i took it up close with my cameraphone, but it is labeled "Crazy Milk - This Is Alcoholic Beverage". crazy milk? how exciting! i'll have to get some the next time i go to the Super H. a quick google search tells me that Crazy Milk is a type of sake. who knew? (certainly not me).


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