on sangria

yesterday's boat outing was fun. i brought along sangria for Mrs. B and i to drink. there really is no recipe for this. sangria is just a boozy fruit salad. it's a way to get enough fiber into your diet in order to poop well for the rest of the week.

so what goes in?

1. wine. i normally make red wine sangria, but this time opted for white. i used pino grigio, which frankly, is not my favorite, even straight from the bottle. it's painfully dull. even italians won't drink it. if i make a white wine sangria again, i'm going to have to try a different type o' white.

2. fruit. whatever you have in your "rotter" drawer. although i did go to the store and bought what looked nice. at the last minute i added some halved strawberries and kiwi. there's also a mango in here,some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, and some orange sections.

3. other booze. a good dollop of cognac or brandy (use cognac though. don't be cheap) and some grand marnier. seriously, don't measure. but i would be a bit frugal with the cognac only because the green apple i chunked into the wine soaked it all up and man were those strong! and next time i'll add more GrandMa.

4. if you want to, you can add simple syrup. you can also add some kind of nectar, like mango or peach. i have to be careful with peach anything (nectar, schnapps, etc) because one time when i was 19 my roommates and i at treehouse village in gainesville florida did shots of vodka and peach schnapps. i counted 16 and i know i did more after that. since that day, so many fucking years ago, i cannot bear the smell of peach schnapps. and apparently Mrs. B had a similar situation when she was in high school.

5. if you can, make this ahead of time and let the flavors meld. i'd add the smooshy fruit in last, though; things like strawberries and kiwi which dissolve and get mushy pretty quickly.

6. soda water. add some. don't ask me why; i don't know why. i'm sure there's some scientific reason for adding soda water to sangria, but i just do it out of habit.

7. drink copious amounts of this while boating around Lake Lanier** and people watching. Lake Lanier has this little area affectionately called "cocktail corner" or something like that (sorry - can't remember, it's cocktail-something-or-other) but i call it Ego Alley, like in Annapolis MD. lots of people with their boats and their girls with big fake boobs. i point out all the good ones to the boy, who hauled out his binoculars but then put them away after we scolded him for being so obvious.

8. make sure that you drink enough of this before jumping into the lake in mid-april. Mr. B insisted that the water was much warmer than the last time we jumped in a month ago, but i'm not so sure. i jumped in anyway. it'll definitely cure any lick of a hangover you may have. fri-gid and hard nipples.

i had a good time yesterday. thank you, Mr. and Mrs. B!

** okay this kind of freaks me out: apparently, there are houses and gas stations and whatnot at the bottom of the lake. before they flooded the valley, they cleared out some towns. so of course, i get told this while we're on the boat, and while i think this is fascinating, i also am kind of freaked out about this. didn't anyone see In Dreams? i know - terrible movie, but still.

UPDATE: okay. this spooks me like nobody's business.


NDM said…
hey don't be afraid. just pour a little sangria for the spirits and they'll leave you alone.

and what does sangria mean in spanish?

french tart said…
the spirits (and ducks, baby ducks, and fishies) got fed Hot Fries and the occasional fruit piece. i'm going to have a frank talk with them the next time we go out there. i expect them to they place nice with me and not yank me underwater when i cannonball in.
Ashley said…
Being married to my Spanish-born, ebony-haired wife I can tell you that I have had some mightly fine sangria over the years. Funny thing is it's never been with a white. I may have to try that just to say I have.

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