on stinky breath

phew! so apparently my last post was a mood doozy. and to ensure that everyone lightens up, i bring you this oral health gem of the week (much thanks to the boy for finding and sending me the link).

Top 5 Foods To Prevent Bad Breath

when i was a kid, i was mortified of having bad breath. i probably didn't have bad breath, but i thought i did. and it contributed to the painful shyness that i suffered from and got over one night after 4 shots of jagermeister. because after one shot of jager? yeah, you're friends with everyone, including the Porcelain God in the ladies room of the Covered Dish.

so i'm glad to see that yogurt is one of the 5 foods listed to help prevent bad breath, because if you read my last post, you would know that i eat yogurt all the damn time.

the funny thing is that i probably do have bad breath, but i have great friends who never point it out. although now that i've written that, i'm beginning to wonder why the boy sent me the link to the article in the first place. trying to tell me something, Oh Love Of My Life? ;)

much love,
French Tart


Ashley said…
you? painfully shy? i just can't imagine it.
NDM said…
you don't have bad breath, or else i'd have never hired you all those many many years ago. ;)
french tart said…
nathan, you have no excuse. two words for you: david ryle.
NDM said…
yeah well...i didn't test him completely i guess ;)

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