aiutilo! au secours!

okay people. i need your help. the mere idea of planning 3 meals a day for 5 days away is kind of driving me batshit crazy. normally i'm not like this at all; normally i love making lists and thinking things through. but this work week is turning out to be a big pile of poo; and by the time i get home and force myself to do yoga and situps and all that, the only thing i want to do is to become one with the couch. i've got to start making my lists.

just a recap: we're going to a remote cabin in the north georgia mountains later next week, and said cabin has a fully-equipped kitchen, an outdoor gas grill, and indoor and outdoor fireplaces. so far on the menu:

* pancakes and bacon (i usually never eat big breakfasts, but this is vacation, so bring on the pig)
* s'mores, because nothing says being in the middle of nowhere without marshmallows on a stick
* various sandwiches, so i'll have to pick up about 3 pounds of lunch meat
* fajitas
* blackened shrimp and grits
* some sort of marinated pork tenderloin (grilled, of course)
* stick meat? (as in meat on a skewer)
* ....

i can't really put thought into this until sunday, so please throw ideas my way!

patty has suggested pigs n blankets.
zack has suggested nachos (he actually told me about this a while back, but i forgot to add that to the original list).
my old boss suggested wrapping potatoes in tin foil and shoving them in the fire pit. he makes a mean barbecue, good ol' Tennessee boy that he is. but i won't let him read this site because he's a good ol' Christian boy who's never drank a drop in his life, and i think he'd get a heart attack and try to convert me to Southern Baptist if he knew that much about me. he's got an idea, i think, but prefers to ignore it. it's for the best, really.


I put corn in the fire along with my potatoes. You need cheese and crackers and fruit! My favorie dinner! :)
Ashley said…
So not "camping" or "roughing it"... I'd still take some form of trail mix.
french tart said…
yeah i know, it's not really camping. but it will have to do. poor me. i get to run around in the woods with my dog and watch her roll in smelly deer poo.

i'm a little skeptical of trail mix, although i do like all the components of it seperately, it seems just a wee bit crunchy hippie for me :). i've been told to take along some beef jerky, but i've a feeling the bears will be tearing down the door to get at it.

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