bring on the peace and quiet

the boy and i are taking a few days off in a couple of weeks and heading to a small cabin in North Georgia. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are about this. This isnt exactly camping, as the cabin has electricity! Running water! Full kitchen! Satellite TV! But it also has a hot tub under the stars, a 360 degree view of trees as far as the eye can see, and a backyard full of bears and deer, oh my.

I’m waiting for this like the comin’ of the messiah. Okay okay – i’m not vying for the end of the world, but you catch my drift.

Usually when we go camping, it’s all-out camping, with tents, dirt under the fingernails, and copious amounts of Dr Scholl's foot powder. One of our usual standby meals while camping is fajitas of some sort. Although this will be Ritz Carlton-type camping, in keeping with the idea of camping we’ll probably make fajitas one night; but I’m kind of at a loss as to what else to eat while out there. the cabin has a fully-stocked kitchen, including an outdoor grill (gas, but i’ll live) and coffee-maker (and if it didnt have that, you’d be damn sure i’d be bringing ours). all we’ll need to do is bring food, condiments, spices, and our knives – yes, i’m a knife snob. I loathe using strange knives, as they’re usually as dull as that seminar on medieval history i once took (you’d think it would be interesting, right? I normally dig that stuff, but this dude managed to make it about as appealing as pulling nose hair). In case we forget anything, the town of Blue Ridge is 5 minutes away, and i’ve been assured there’s some sort of grocery store there.

So i need some advice. what do you guys usually eat when camping? Or on vacation?

oh - and please don't tell me to watch Cabin Fever before i go. or i'll never go. the boy watched that the other day, and i had to leave the room. or the first Friday the 13th. or the first half hour of The Ring. or Prophecy. i adore scary movies, i love being scared, but after it's all over, i have a vivid imagination. whenever we go regular-camping, i always have trouble peeing at night. there's nothing scarier than having to drop trow at 2 am in the dark while hearing branches crackling behind you.


badgeris said…
Hello! I am an old friend of your boy, and I love to read your blogs (they always make me hungry, too). Try this: pork tenderloin marinated adobo style (equal portions of soy sauce and vinegar; plus pepper-pepper corns, if you like-and garlic to taste; then add a bay leaf). Wrap in foil and grill on low heat until done. Best if marinated over night. Serve with cellophane noodles and stir-fried veggies. Easy, delish, and transports well. Have fun!

-Amy B
french tart said…
that sounds fantastic! thanks for the idea.
the boy said…
beer bring beer
french tart said…
what, are your hands broken?

and of course we'll bring beer. and crappy VO. and boxed wine.

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