grocery list

(i am almost positive that this isn't the least bit authentic. but it's how we make it).

one lb.or two of flank steak, or a couple of chicken breasts
Juice of one lime
Tablespoon of chili powder
Half a can of chipotles in adobo. Haul the chipotles out and cut them up, if you can.
Drizzle of olive oil
half to 3/4 can of beer. we use Miller Lite, because the boy is not a beer snob.

1. Marinate your meat (hee. there i go with the 5th grade humor).

2. Oh, i do sauté some peppers and onions on the side, and drizzle some of the marinade on those while they cook.

3. Grill meat. I dont know for how long, 4 to 5 minutes a side for chicken. A bit longer for beef.

4. Let rest.

5. Slice up on the diagonal and add to tortilla along with the peppers/onions, shredded cheddar, a good dollop of sour cream, some shredded lettuce, and salsa. Hot sauce on top is optional.

I’m writing this down because it’s one of the only recipes that i know by heart. This is why i write everything down. I’ve a brain like a sieve, however i have the inane ability to remember shit from days long past, like Stupid Useless Trivia. Incidentally, i’m great at that bar game Trivia.

I’m also writing this down because we made this for dinner last night, and we’re going to make it for dinner some time next week while we’re gallivanting about the blue ridge mountains. And this will be part of my grocery list. Still trying to determine a full list of what food we’ll eat up there.

I’m also writing down that i need to upload a boatload of music to my ipod so that i don’t forget to do so later. i’m currently listening to U2; i had no idea i had this much U2 on here (right now, it's Discoteque). I ‘spose i ought to thank the boy for that, seeing how he’s one of U2s biggest fans. this probably got on here when he uploaded all the songs from Life Less Lived: the Gothic Box, which we saw a few months ago at the record store and made me squeal (however – i did not buy it then. the boy found all the songs on the innernets for me. Thank you boy!)


Actually, he IS a beer snob because he ONLY drinks Miller Lite!
french tart said…
yeah, you're right. it can be difficult at times. what's the name of that place you want us to try? five seasons or something?
Yes, 5 seasons. I'm sure he can just drink shots while were there!

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