a little nostalgic

so we are back from our escapade into the north georgia mountains. i was sad to leave, because, well, i was. i don't have to explain. i almost don't feel like explaining it. we hadn't seen a soul since last wednesday afternoon, and frankly, i liked that. we listened to the wind, we saw bees (a lot of bees), we heard woodpeckers in the morning, we saw deer. i watched the sun come up and the sun come down over the trees, and i watched their colors change as the days wore on, from bright varigated greens to muted dark shadowy green. sadly, when we woke up this morning and started packing, the valley of green was filled with the smoke from the burning wildfires in south georgia; it was time to leave. i'll miss that feeling of not being on a schedule, of not caring about what time it was; and if i felt like taking a nap at 2 pm, well, i took a nap. i'll miss the nest of baby cardinals right outside the back porch; those babies were born while we were there. i saw their big mouths gaping open when their dad brought them pieces of worm or whatnot to eat. i heard them cry. i'll miss that.

so we're back home, and life is back to normal, except for the pile of mail waiting for me to go through. i've got a lot of pictures to post on flickr; and if you're interested in seeing them, please email me and i will email you back the link (i am kinda not in the mood to post a link to my flickr account in the world wide open for various stupid reasons) {please be warned that the pictures in my flickr account are kinda on the boring side, unless you like endless pictures of my dog and like watching me be all nostalgic and stuff about days gone by). i'll probably come back tomorrow and post pictures of the food we ate. because DAMN if we didn't eat like kings!! we had gourmet meals for every meal. yep. here's a sneak preview.

grilled steak (corn on the cob up top). this was served with maryland style crabcakes, which in my humble opinion are the only kind of crabcake worth having.

hope you guys are having a good memorial day weekend, and i hope you take a moment to think of what exactly memorial day means, and not, "Hey i can now officially wear white again!" or "Gee, the neighborhood pool is now open". go forth, grill, and pour a little beer out for our fallen soldiers.

French Tart


Ashley said…
Glad your trip was both relaxing and awesome. I'll check out your flickr site if you send me the link. Happy Memorial Day!

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