meet the new addition to our family

So while at Sears on Monday, we also bought a new refrigerator.

In our defense, we really had to. The old fridge was old and falling apart. For a brief moment, we considered selling it on Craig’s List, but decided not to. It had too many problems that i wouldn’t want to impose on anyone. It would leak at random times all over the tiled floor and stain the grout. When cleaning it out yesterday morning, i found a three-inch thick slab of ice on the bottom of the freezer with wontons stuck in it that would not come out. The ice and water the fridge produced would taste bad. The fridge side was falling apart too – behind the “rotter” drawers, all the tubing on the back wall of the fridge had come off and was being held up by the back of the drawers alone. And sometimes i couldn’t even use the “rotter” drawers, as they would occasionally freeze whatever was in there, and make it inedible. The shelves on the door would break off under the strain of weight, and one of them we completely rigged with a piece of wood. It was time for it to go.

When we put our house in Maryland up on the market, our real estate agent told us we needed to fix up the kitchen (e.g. get rid of the broken fridge – somehow, we keep inheriting broken fridges), so we did just that and bought the cheapest of the bottom-mount freezer kind we could get. It was a Samsung, and we really enjoyed it for the 2 weeks we had it before we moved back to Atlanta. it had some quirks, being the cheapest of the best (for i do think that bottom-mount freezers are the best, i will get to why in a minute). One of the things we noticed after we bought that Samsung was that the inside shelves were not repositionable. You were stuck with where they were. I didn’t care much for that. but what makes that type of fridge the best for me is that i’m constantly opening the fridge. i rarely, maybe only a couple of times a week, open the freezer. So if that’s the case, why would i always have to stoop down or bend over or kneel to look inside a fridge? why have the freezer at eye level if i rarely open it? our old fridge was a double door (freezer on left, fridge on right), and even then one has to stoop down to get to the “rotter” drawers (that either rotted food or froze it). and you’re left with narrow shelves. You can’t stick a pizza box in there. okay, so yeah, i make my own pizza most of the time, but there are times, like after we worked Easter brunch, when we came home and ordered a pizza. And i don't know about you, but the boy and i never finish a whole delivery pizza pie in one sitting.

I remember the first time i ever saw a bottom-mount freezer. It was during an episode of Good Eats, one of the first where Mr. Brown’s set is at the New Location. The boy and i sat up at the same time from our slouchy couch pose and collectively gasped. What the heck is that? Can we get one? Where can we get one? Omigod i love technology.

So we’ve been wanting a good one for years, and now we have one.

I present to you the Kenmore Elite Trio in satin metal finish (it takes magnets; whereas the lovely stainless steel finish doesn’t take magnets yet takes fingerprints like nobody’s business). The Sears delivery guys had the old fridge moved out and new fridge installed in 10 minutes flat. I know they do this for a living, but i was so amazed at their swiftness. They told me that they normally install about 23 fridges a day.

Here’s a pic of the interior of the fridge. Notice how wide it is? It’s also pretty deep. I could install many pizza boxes there. or a whole sheet cake. OOH CAKE! Yum. Okay no, cake bad. No cake for me. I ate far too much last week. Cake is bad. Cake is bad. Wah.......

Next time i have cake will probably be on my birthday. At least that gives me something positive to look forward to and takes my mind off of how close to 40 i’m getting.


My grandma had a bottom freezer fridge my whole life growing up. It is a 1947 frigidaire and its pink! It is now currently in her garage full of soft drinks and ice cream. :)
french tart said…
you know, that makes me wonder... i guess it must have been sometime in the late 50s that they started making fridges with freezer compartments on top, probably due to the popularity of TV dinners. hmm. i might look into this.
karen said…
i <3 your new fridge!
Amy said…
what a lovely family addition! ;)

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