was this a really stellar meal or what?

i've said before that we don't always eat superfancy gourmet shit. i try to eat healthily, most of the time. then there are times when i come home late from work after a full day of stupidity and impromptu meetings, and the last thing i want is to really cook. all i want to do is stuff my face full of french fries.

yesterday afternoon, i had a hairdresser appointment which took fourteen billion hours because i'm at that age where gray is not an acceptable color choice for someone who gets carded regularly. by the time i got home, i was famished and the boy was too. so what did we eat? a steak-umm sandwich.

with american cheese slices.

and Ore-Ida fries.

yep yep.

today, back to healthy.

but i do love me some fries.


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