what i ate while out of town, aka how much weight i gained while out of town

I described in my last post about the wonderfulness of being away someplace nice and quiet. Sometimes you need nice and quiet (actually, i need nice and quiet a good majority of the time). I wish we could have stayed longer. I wish that i had enough money to buy my own cabin up in the mountains. Sigh.

For today, I’m deviating from my normal blog format of posting little pictures to the right of the text because i have a few pictures to show of what we ate while up there and it's easier to post this way. because, lets face it. all we did was eat, nap, stare at trees, and eat some more. i had bacon for breakfast a lot. Lets just say that it is probably for the best that we came back when we did because i had some trouble buttoning my pants this morning.

Lets just open up the first of the pictures by showing you the contents of the cabin fridge. we brought all of this with us, and the only thing we brought back was lunchmeat, some bread, and some leftovers.

I woke up on our second morning and made pizza dough.

(we grilled most everything we ate, except for a few occasions).

pepperoni pizza

barbecued chicken pizza

this next one is the one of the only pics i took of the fajitas. I was so excited to eat that i forgot to take pictures of the finished food.

then there was steak. I showed a picture of that on the grill in my previous post. Here is a pic pre-cooking. And Oh Yeah, there was much whiskey imbibed during this trip.


steak was served with crabcakes and grilled corn. The crabcakes did not go on the grill; these were cooked on the stove.

we also had bobby flay’s cuban burgers. Normally you’d wrap the assembled burger in tin foil before placing on the grill, but hey, we forgot tin foil. We ended up sandwiching the burger between cookie sheets and finding the heaviest pot in the cabin to put on top for smooshing before putting on the grill.

our last night there, we had that pork tenderloin with mojo that i’ve blogged about before. By this time, neither the boy nor i felt like doing dishes, so we used paper plates. Fancy.

i think i gained 5 pounds in 5 days.

This morning, back to yogurt for breakfast. FOR A GOOD LONG WHILE.


Amy said…
Oh Man what I would not give to have been there with you guys eating that food! Miss you guys!

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