about how my sense of humor really stinks. yes, i'm 12.

I completely forgot to take pictures of Saturday night’s dinner in making. Fueled by wine and a couple of chocolate martinis, Mrs. B and I instead thought that it would be funny to take a picture of the debris.

Heh. Yeah. Funny. Everything is funny after a few shots of vodka, godiva liqueur and Hershey's chocolate syrup.

On the menu:

Smoked spice-rubbed turkey breast;
Cajun spice-rubbed Beer Butt Chicken with coca cola barbecue sauce;
Cole slaw;
Baked beans (something similar to this Martha Stewart recipe, kind of using whatever we have on hand)

Fed six happy people. This is definitely a menu that we will recreate again this summer, sooner rather than later. I’m not really sure what kind of spice rub the boy used on the turkey breasts (we cooked two – ate one that night and have been snacking on the other since), but he did smoke up some hickory chips in Fred and put them to one side. The other side of the grill had the beer butt chicken. What’s the technical term for that? Beer Can Chicken? Chicken With a Beer Can Up Its Butt? Ha. Who knows. This is the second time we've made this in one week (the picture shown is from the last time).

and because it's monday morning, and i've been awake since 2 dealing with dog poopy issues and i'm now at work and have 5 meetings plus endless reports to run, i leave you with this gem. this amuses me to no end. i know, i know. i'm juvenile. what can i say. just look at that orifice! heh.


french tart said…
hi, we miss you too! how is java?

thanks for the early happy birthday. i'm just getting ahead of myself. it's not for another month. :D
Amy said…
Oh man, why'd I think it was June? Ya know, I am lucky to remember MY birthday at this point. Oh, ummm, that's because my parents anniversary is this month, in 2 days... see, I knew something was in june! LOL

J-man is ok... he is a california bound puppy, once again.

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