birthday gift

so i received a nice surprise in the mail this past week from my good friends patty and zack (hi patty and zack!)...

and it was this baking pan which has been all the rage on food blogs for a few months now. it's specially made for brownies, so that each and every piece that comes out has edges! because, as we all know, the best part about brownies is a piece with a crusty edge. heh.

i call them zigzag brownies.

i was so pleased that i immediately set to work and made the marbled cheesecake brownies from the accompanying recipe pamphlet. ate one, sent the rest in with the boy to his work, where the entire front of the house folks descended on them like it was the last supper. fiends, all of them.

the brownies didn't turn out as marbl-y as i would have liked them, but they were pretty good nonetheless.

in my champagne-induced stupor last night, i declared (to no one in particular) that i was going to attempt a lasagna in this pan, and i kind of got laughed at. imagine the work involved! but one day, when i'm feeling particularly anal retentive and am in the middle of making pasta, i will most definitely make a lasagna in this pan.


Patty said…
Hooray! I'm so glad it worked out well. :)
Anonymous said…
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