mahi mahi and dog poo. yes, they're related (sort of).

we've been dealing with dog poop and dog health issues all week, which is why i've been slacking in the blog department. my heart just isn't in it this week. Mrs P is not feeling so good (got the poops) and is currently on a liquid diet, suggested by the friendly folks at the red bandanna. not to go all crunchy hippie on everyone, because one thing i'm not is a crunchy hippie, but i'd rather do the all natural homeopathic way of things with my dog unless, of course, it's life threatening. so Mrs P has been ingesting a lot of this:

pretend you're making soup stock: add one whole chicken, leeks, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, turnips to a pot, add water, bring to a boil, strain. let dog lap up as much of the soup she wants with a few of the smooshy vegetables. they say chicken soup can cure anything, and i certainly hope it helps, because my dog is miserable and we could use some real sleep.

i haven't been sleeping well (or much), and the boy's been working nights, so that leaves me a lot of free time in the evenings to do... a whole bunch of nothing. but i have actually eaten a lot of fish in this whole lotta nothing time. night before last, i made my lunch for yesterday.

mahi mahi with pineapple salsa, green rice, black beans. since it's just for me, i made a fraction of the recipe, but still ended up with boatloads of beans and rice. i used bobby flay's chimichurri recipe (which i wrote about here) instead of sara moulton's because i'm used to making bobby's; although i only use 1 cup of the mint instead of the 2 suggested because damn, that's far too minty for my taste. so i had that for lunch yesterday, and it was good. no pictures to show. wasn't really in the mood; sorry.

since i have gobs of beans and rice left, i decided to make macadamia encrusted mahi, but as i didn't have macadamias onhand, i use pistachios; and this is what i'll be eating for lunch today.

i noticed that whenever i bring fish for lunch, there tends to be a film of sorts that forms on the bottom of the fish, something that is not particularly appealing to me. i remedied this by lining the bottom of my tupperware container with lemon or lime slices and using that as the bed for the fish for transport. no more weird film, and i just throw out the slices afterwards.

anyhoo - back to my regularly scheduled program of working my ass off to make up for taking the day off yesterday. i hope i'll be more full of life next week.


Tupperware? Tupperware?? That, my friend, is a LOCK LOCK!!!!

french tart said…
yeah i know (hanging head in shame). it's just that people out there dont know about lock locks. i could wax poetic about the fabulous Lock Lock all day!

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