on bad television

So i think it’s safe to say that the boy and i watch our fair share of bad tv.

When we were at the cabin a couple of weeks ago, there was not a whole lot on TV, since the channels were broadcast from the butt end of Tennessee with really oddball local commercials. We ended up watching some ridiculous show called So You Think You Can Dance? (seriously bad, bad show) and laughed our asses off (laughter was fueled by boxed wine, Miller Lite, and Seagrams VO). The show immediately after that, name of which i completely forget because it’s just that damn memorable, is a “reality” show about people who want to direct or produce or whatever. Since i don’t know the name of it, and frankly, don’t care, i call it So You Think You Can Direct?.

It is so terrible. So very very terrible.

Last Thursday night, fueled by some wine, we discovered that there’s a “reality” show about people wanting to be pirates. When the boy told me of this concept, i said, “What’s the name of that show – So You Think You Can ARGHH?”. And because i’m such a dumbass, i fell off the couch laughing.

I crack myself up. I am just that silly.

Now we are getting the summer onslaught of “reality” (i use this term lightly) cooking shows, like Hell’s Kitchen, which i’ve always loved because there is nothing better than a red faced Ramsey screaming out “WHY ARE YOU PUTTING FISH STOCK IN THE FUCKING RISOTTO??”. But this time around, first episode, i almost felt sorry for Gordon Ramsey. They sure did pick a bunch of fucking pansies this time around. One dude openly bawled before dinner service even started. Mrs. B thinks that he’s a paid actor, and i am beginning to think the same. Most of the contestants are such douchebags and can’t cook a damn thing. The only one i have a real respect for is the chick who is a Waffle House cook. I am rooting for her all the way – and i’m totally not kidding about this. I know she probably won’t win in the end, but don’t ever disrespect a short order cook. Ever.

Since the boy is working tonight and i’ll be home alone hemming some of his chef pants, he told me that i need to watch the Food Network’s Next Cooking Show Star show (whatever the hell it's called) that we have on the DVR (he likes to keep the DVR free and clear for god knows what). I’ve aptly named that show, So You Think You Can Cook?

Because frankly, can they?


karen said…
Honestly. That pirate BS is crazy. WTF is going on with TV these days? The commercials are real funny too, with the "kick some booty" tagline.

At least the organ donor thing in the Netherlands was phoney!

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