on bread and being old

so yesterday while at the store picking up some *ack*horrible*foul*nasty* coca cola sody pop for the boy (hi boy! love you!), i walked through the publix bakery and the sourdough baguettes were calling to me. really, truly, honestly.

i never eat bread anymore.

except for dinner, last night. i ate the entire baguette along with a container of eggplant spread.

talk about bloat.

and in other news, the news which really isn't news, because i get this way before every single birthday; and with my birthday right around the corner (literally),i get all down and blah about getting old. and then the boy sends me this:

he turned 17 yesterday.

my god. i feel like a crusty old broad.


Ashley said…
At least that is last decade. My teen son asked me recently about "this cool band" from "a long time ago."

Him: "Have you ever heard of AC/DC?"

Me: "Sure! I used to listen to them when I was your... ugh."

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