a quick thought on Top Chef before i run to my next meeting

am i the only one who thinks it was just a wee bit creepy that the opening scene for top chef was filmed at gianni versace's mansion in miami beach? that they showed the stairs where he died?

i know the place is super extravagant and stuff, and i've no doubt that whoever currently owns it probably rents it out for weddings and office offsites (heh - i can't imagine my Big Ass Corporation spending money like that, but i'm sure someone's workplace does), but man. that creeps me out.

that's about as creepy as, oh, the idea of someone renting out the mansion where sharon tate was killed and recording their whole album there. oh NEVERMIND, someone already did that.

ghosts freak me out.

on a more food-related note, there's an awful lot of good talent on the new Top Chef. and an awful lot of Big Ego. i'm going to have to re-watch that first episode again, because Mrs B was over and we were chatting up a storm.


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