i swear this is the last post about my birthday until next year

my birthday was last sunday, so i know i ought to not drag it out, but i wanted to share my birthday booty with everyone. oh,please get your mind out of the sewer. for once, i’m actually not going there. Sheesh.

I got a set of uni-tasker tools from Mr. and Mrs. B, and these are formidable and fantastic. The ever-wonderful Mango Smooosher (there’s probably a more technical name for it, probably called the Mango Pitter, although i’m sure the fine folks at Crate & Barrel would appreciate my own terminology. From here on now, in this household, it’s the Mango Smooosher). A really great strawberry tweezer thing that removes the stems (again – who on God’s green earth knows what that’s called? But it is super great). And sugar cube tongs, because we use sugar cubes in our house. There’s a side story to the sugar cubes – and not to go off on a tangent here, but i will anyway. The boy went to Ireland for a month in 2004, and one of the things he brought back was a box of sugar cubes. In one of his most cute moments ever, he comes running up to me while he’s unpacking and says, “Look honey! I brought back some Irish sugar! They make it in cubes! Do they make sugar cubes in the US?”. I then had to let him down ever so gently by saying that Yes, we can indeed find sugar cubes in the US. Although having said that, our local Publix quit carrying them last month and we had to buy our last batch at Kroger. Having to shop at Kroger for just one thing is not high on my list of fun things to do (we do our regular grocery shopping at Publix). I might have to write Publix Corporate a bitchy-but-firm letter.

Other gifts: the boy got me the three things i asked for plus some. I also got the live DVD of nine inch nails’ last tour and a whole entire box set of Barefoot Contessa DVDs. Add to that the lovely "Young Man & The Sea" book that my sister in law sent. I made out like a bandit, yes i did.

The zigzag brownie pan from Patty and Zack, which i blogged about here.

From Charles, a very inexplicable yet very Charles box of stuff. A catapult so that i can, and i quote “toss the cherry tomatoes across the yard”. A box of notecards (him hinting that i should write more often). Several bags of Himalayan salt, one of which tastes just like sulphurish boiled eggs. Several cans of paté and a can of Spam, which means that he was trying to keep things even by sending me both American and French potted meats. He’s a nut. He says that Alaskans and Hawaiians eat more Spam than any one else in the US. I wonder why this is? I’ll have to research this and blog about it. because i’m absolutely positive that inquiring minds want to know.

Well at least, i do.


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